Please see for the full story of how the Retrievers was Reborn

The RETRIEVERS are striking back against abandoned objects everywhere. Our services include:

  • An objective phone call
  • Email
  • Dorm (if in college) visit or public meeting ground
  • OR — the simple cathartic telling of your story.

Atlanta contact:

NYC contact:

Please include the following information in your lost-item recovery request:

  • email address:
  • Brief back-story on how item was left behind:
  • Actual item left behind:
  • How you wish for us to recover lost item: (i.e. phone call, email, request in person, or simple retell.)

(IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The RETRIEVERS is not in the business of indulging in any passive-aggressive acts of intentional-object-leaving in hopes of forcing a reunion with thwarted lovers.)


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