2 thoughts on “And… Action (Videos)

  1. Ah texting, the push of words on a small screen that show up on your tiny screen all hours of the day and night. The surprise look under your desk, while at work, or from your purse in class, at the words just received. But, wait, what if a wrong button “send to” is pushed by mistake, or, the ever present reply to ALLLLLLLL. THE FACE TO FACE, OR BACK, SEEMS TO BE A THING OF THE PAST. All can be started, and, as we all know, ended by the typed word in cyperspace. Who knew those many years ago when I took typing 101 back in the 60’s, that skill would be so relevant today. Type, type, type, what a world what a world.

  2. Dear Margaret. Amen sista-friend. If I would’ve known that the language of love would end up being abbreviated acronyms, I would have majored in stenography in college AND not romantic literature! Thanks for your wonderful feedback and readership!

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