“Dear Nerdy Romantic” CONTACT

If you’d like to submit a question regarding your online dating experiences, dating in general, or any confounding matter of the heart, loins, groins, brain, sixth sense or non-sense that compels you to seek advice — Nerdy Romantic is here to answer.

—– nerdyromantic123@gmail.com —–

I am in no way a licensed professional. In fact, the only honor I have framed on my wall is a gift certificate to TURTLES. My own love life is the stuff of Fellini films, all spun and wound and generally ground in powerful delusion — BUT, like the saying goes, those who can’t TEACH.

And I happen to have an extremely objective and discerning eye when it comes to other people’s problems AND have no qualms about speaking the truth no matter how much it may smart. (**Those inquiries featured in the regular, weekly “Mailbag Monday” column will be posted anonymously.)

CONTACT: nerdyromantic123@gmail.com


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